Bridal crown vases – Circa 1850 – 1900


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Bridal crown vases

Ca 1850 – 1900

Historically, in Scandinavian weddings, it was tradition to place the wedding bouquet in a bridal crown vase in front of the newlyweds at the dinner table. Hence the name. In between the weddings the bridal vases would be put in larger vases or urns to serve as practical flower holders that kept the floral arrangements in place. It’s also said that the glass blowers of the glassworks sneakingly used to make these bridal vases as love gifts to their girlfriends.

Available in various shapes and sizes from 13,5 – 20 cm. Thought to be made in Denmark.

  • Large vase with room for the big bouquet, h. 13,5 cm w. 17 cm. 370 USD
  • Tall, beautifully squillgy crown at the top, h 20 cm w. 9 cm. 370 USD
  • Smaller with a crowned top. Probably the oldest in the group, small splinter on the top h. 14 cm w. 19 cm. 370 USD
  • A pair, unusual with handles and trimmed décor. Height approx. 22 cm. One handle missing. 370 USD