Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) watercolor painting


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Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) watercolor painting

Before Hilma af Klint painted the abstract painting that made her the world famous artist she is today she, as many female artists alongside her, made a living from painting portraits and nature motives.

This pretty watercolor painting of a peaceful stream in a forest landscape is signed H. af Klint and dated 1902. A rare find of an artist uninterested in contemporary recognition and commercialized art.

Picture measure 16 x 25 cm, approx. 6,3 x 9,8 inch

Price 4900 USD

The world famous spiritual, abstract “Paintings for the temple” arts of Hilma af Klint were during her lifetime considered to be so ahead of its time that she was determined not to show them to the world until the world was ready to interpret them. When Hilma af Klint passed away in the autumn of 1944, she left behind around 1300 non-figurative paintings that had never been shown to outsiders, and more than 125 notebooks and sketchbooks. In her will, Hilma af Klint specified that her life’s work should be kept secret for at least 20 years after her death. Her last wish was also that the collection should never be split up.

42 years after her death Hilma af Klint made her international debut with the exhibition The Spiritual in Art held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art during the winter of 1986. This travelling exhibition marked the beginning of Hilma af Klint’s international recognition and her works have since been displayed in many exhibitions in the United States, Europe and in Nordic countries. In 2013, the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm held the as of yet largest retrospective exhibition of the artist, featuring a collection of approximately 230 paintings. After Stockholm, the exhibition continued as a travelling exhibition throughout Europe, and was seen by more than a million visitors in total