The Russian Cat Ring


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“She clawed her way into my heart and wouldn’t let go.” This funny looking feline cuteness was made in Soviet 1970s, Made out in 14K gold and silver, hallmarked 585 gold and 875 silver, ruby eyes about 0.04 ct and a rose-cut diamond on top about 0.1 ct,

size 17.5mm / 55 / US 7 1/4, weight 3.6 g.

Gold jewelry was the most popular jewelry in the USSR. It was produced in lesser numbers than silver jewelry, yet it was the most desired metal by the Soviet public. The overwhelming majority of soviet gold jewelry was of rose or red 14 karat gold (583 millesimal fineness). Although gold of other, higher and lower purity, as well as different colors was used in the soviet jewelry production, the 583 millesimal fineness became the most popular choice, by far.

Most of jewelry from USSR is considered to be collectibles