**SOLD** 19th Century Onyx Mourning Bracelet


The exhortation memento mori, which literally translates to remember death, urged the wearer to live a moral life. The popularity of mourning jewelry reached its peak during the Victorian era (1837-1901)

While mourning customs varied according to status, generally they were very detailed–women had to wear all black for a designated period of time and were restricted in what they could do socially after the loss of a loved one. Those who didn’t comply were shunned.

Wearing black was an outward display of what your inner feelings were supposed to be at the time.

Our mourning bracelet is made from 18k gold/silver, faceted onyx, white paste, length 19 cm, antique, (probably 19th century´s first half), length 19 cm, weight 14 g,

Some wear due to age and use but in good condition.