**SOLD** A crowned 19th century 2.16ct diamond and emerald cluster ring.


A crowned 19th century diamond and emerald cluster ring. Set to center with a cushion shape old mine cut diamond with an approximate weight of 2.16 carats, in an open back claw setting, encircled by 17 emeralds in open back claw and rubover setting, the crown tops off with 9 old cut diamonds and three additional emeralds. The charming and chunky central stone has a slightly warm color and is exceptionally clear. We believe the stone to be a late cut old mine, or an early old cushion based on the rustic face up, high table and chunky faceting. No matter what she’s called, she’s a true old cut with loads of charm and character about her – and a lovely, bright face up to boot! What a gorgeous stone! This elegant coronet cluster design features an intricately pierced gallery and open back, leading to solid shoulders and flowing through to a solid flat shank. Unmarked 14 karat gold shank. Made in the 19th century.

The Crown symbol is an instantly recognizable symbol of power and dominance.

Crowns are and have been used as ceremonial symbol, an emblem or a type of heraldic representation for thousands of years. Usually worn to signify a ruler, aristocratic, noble or religious authority. The crown symbolizes the importance, legitimacy, tradition and sovereignty of the wearer and is a clear display of rank.

Ancient crowns have been found all over the world; some of the oldest include the Egyptian crowns and Indian diadems. The iconic European-style metal crown has existed for thousands of years too.

Precisely because there are many traditions and more variation within some of these, there are a multitude of continental crown types being as diverse as the cultures of the many civilizations that find value in them.

Since the 1800s, crowns have become symbols of virtuous princesses, and noble princes. Due to widespread fairy tales this imagery that has become even stronger in our times.

Still a crown symbolizes achievement. In fact the Bible verse Proverbs 4:9 speaks of it as something that is worn by people who are glorious and righteous.

This ring certainly crowns the bearer.