**SOLD** Vintage Emerald Cabochon and Diamond fancy ring by David Morris


Sperlich Jewelry is very proud to offer this spectacular ring from powerhouse David Morris. The British jeweler is known for his extravagant designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and only using the highest quality stones. All things we truly appreciate and respect when it comes to modern jewelers.
David Morris found his passion for jewelry at an early age when he landed an apprenticeship at a goldsmith when he was just a teenager. He’s been quoted saying that he was a school drop out, without an idea what to do with his life until someone mentioned diamond cutting and he was instantly intrigued. In 1962, he founded his name sake company and opened up shop. Within a few short years he won the 9th and 10th Da Beer Diamonds International Awards and his career was set. His pieces have appeared in many Bond films, most notably Diamonds are Forever, and he even had the honor of creating the Miss World Crown in the 1970s, which is downright stunning. Richard Burton purchased a piece with a heart shaped diamond on Valentine’s Day for none other than Elizabeth Taylor, and even Oprah has rocked his jewels.
When you land pieces in the Victoria and Albert Museum during your lifetime, you know that you’ve had created something beautiful and incomparable. David Morris has boutiques across the globe, and his company is currently led by his family. We love his work for its unapologetically high standards and incredible magnificence. There is just no way you could feel sad wearing one of his pieces of art!

This ring is unique and bold! With step cut, lozenge-shaped emeralds set amidst the diamond melee. The emerald cab is a very pretty, medium green color too! This ring would make for a great right-hand ring. Two-tone 18kt gold, size 6.50 and fully sizable. In very good condition. Cab emerald is estimated to be 1.20cts.
Additional 1.45ctw of emeralds. Diamonds estimated to be 0.45ctw. A rare vintage piece.
Signed DM – David Morris.