Timeless Cartier carved rock crystal “Door Knocker” earrings


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A pair of timeless Cartier carved rock crystal “Door Knocker” earrings – transparent yet luminous!

This transparent colorless form of quartz conjures up the imagery of frozen rock and was so dubbed in ancient times. A popular material for carving since antiquity Rock crystal’s characteristically modern appearance was one of the reasons it became a favorite for the monochrome Art Deco jewelry of Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Boivin. Carved stones have played a starring role in Cartier’s aesthetic since early 1900s. It involves a skill that takes many years to learn and even more to master. As each stone is unique and nothing is repeated. From the design table sketch, past a committee approval through a clay sculpture before the final carving. Many many hours of arduous work leading up to a dazzling pair of earrings bringing style and savoir faire to enliven the everyday life.

This rarely seen design is a gorgeous reference to the maisons art deco heydays as well as the Indian tradition of carved gems.

18 karat (750) gold and brilliant-cut diamonds. Rock crystal (removable) Signed Cartier Paris.

Height: approx 4 cm

Weight: 11.3 grams.

A classic “door knocker” design from the 70’s.

A clear favorite!