**SOLD** ‘Toi Et Moi’ – Twin ring

‘Toi Et Moi’ – Twin ring with two old-cut euros, bright antique cut diamonds to the side.


The ‘Toi Et Moi’ ring originated from the late 19th century, and it means ‘You and Me’ in French. Toi et moi refers to a ring with two gems that sit side by side or close to each other, symbolising two souls becoming one. This style ring was deeply sentimental and always will always be in the running for the most romantic jewel of all time. Being a hopeless romantic I say a perfect engagement ring, soulmate ring, anniversary ring, or for any finger ring just because…

Made by Fritz Walentin Nilsson in Stockholm, 1937 has bright antique cut diamonds! Two old-cut euros, One app 0.51 ct and the other app 0.65 ct, in total 1,16ctw, H-I/SI. Set in platinum. Size 18.5/58.5. Total weight ca 3.4 g.