Vintage 1970s tricolor 18Kt gold leaf bombé cocktail ring


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Talk about attention grabbing dress ring. 18kt yellow gold ring with an elegant leaf motif. The surface of the leaves are delicately enhanced with fine line engraving. Giving it a harmonious  and detailed textured surface in alternating gold color. High quality goldwork. Unfortunately an illegible makers mark so we do not know who the master was who made this work of art.

Presumably French work. Weight 15.2gram

Ringsize 16,75 mm. US 6 ¼

The leaf has captivated artists, including jewelry designers, for centuries. Man’s longstanding love of nature and organic forms has been transformed into enduring beauty throughout the periods of jewelry history. Leaves signify fertility and growth. Since each leaf is completely unique, we may be become aware of the beauty of creation and the perfection of natures patterns. The changing color of the leaves of fall represent the change of season, generally symbolizing growth, renewal, and life.