**SOLD** 18 Karat gold Alligator earrings


I don’t make jewelry; I do sculptures for the body. – Barry Kieselstein-Cord

Animalistic beauty and power. A pair of alligator shaped gold earrings.  Unapologetic and statement making,


18K gold. 3,5 cm. 18,4 gram

Barry Kieselstein-Cord is one of the boldest designers of the 20th century. With his unapologetic and statement making jewelry and accessories, Kieselstein-Cord’s love of animal, earth and sky motifs run consistently throughout his design sensibility.The famous Alligator series first introduced circa 1988, is an iconic example of Barry Kieselstein-Cord love for stylized animal jewelry and this is crafted from his distinctive greenish yellow gold alloy and smooth matte finish.

Ever the artist, Kieselstein-Cord, creates jewelry that is first and foremost a work of art – a piece that will be enjoyed and appreciated for lifetimes.