**SOLD** 19th century Crescent Moon and star gold and diamond earrings



Sensational earrings truly befitting of royalty!

The Crescent Moon was immensely popular during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. Loaded with hidden messages, symbolism, and emotion. Through the use of themes, design, and stones, the Victorians pioneered the art of jewelry symbolism. Every aspect of the Victorians life from clothing to tapestries to paintings were packed with symbolism. Be it on pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings and more – it imbued symbolism.

Crescent moons were a symbol of spirituality and the Feminine Moon Goddess.

Furthermore, the crescent moon represented change, for just as the moon cycles through phases, so does life – the renewal of life and nature. Symbolizing “new beginnings” they were often given as a marriage gift or for the birth of a child.

In many spiritual traditions, the crescent moon symbol is associated with feminine energy in contrast to the sun, which boasts masculine energy. The crescent is also a very widespread motif in Islamic iconography, it is not Islamic in origin nor exclusive to that religion. The emblem has been used in Christian art for many centuries in depictions of the Virgin Mary, for example. It is in fact one of the oldest icons in human history, having been known in graphic depictions since at least as early as the Babylonian period in Mesopotamia. In many cultures, goddesses possess lunar energy, acting as protectors and nurturers of children and childbirth. Examples like the moon goddess Artemis or Selene of Greek mythology and the Roman goddess Diana come to mind here.  In Chinese philosophy the moon is the yin to the sun’s yang, showing how the female moon and the male sun can perfectly balance each other despite being opposites.

During the Industrial Revolution, women began to leave their conventional roles and enter the workforce, laying the groundwork for modern female empowerment and rights. The moon is a powerful symbol of female influence, intuition, generosity, and female empowerment.

The release of “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne, which imagined a futuristic journey to the moon in a rocket ship. Victorian era men and women were intrigued by Verne’s adventurous tales and the demand for starburst and crescent moon jewels peaked.

Spiritually, the stars were vital as markers of direction and guidance. Stars would commonly complement crescent moons in jewelry. Just as sailors of old looked to them at night to guide their navigation through the seas, stars as designs symbolized the direction wearers would need in their life.

Many, if not most, crescent moons in vintage jewelry were worn as brooches. It so is rare to find this motif in a pair of earrings-

Crescent-shaped earrings, late 19th Century – Majestic and magnifique!

These earrings from the late 19th Century are outstanding.

They are crafted in 18K gold and set with bright-white, ultra-sparkling old brilliant, old cushion, pear and rose cut diamonds packed with charm, approx. 2.60 cts in total. Measuring an impressive approx. 1.6 cm. with a combined weight of 6.2 gram and are masterfully hand fabricated.

Post back fittings.

The two central diamonds are approx 0,42 cts and 0,43 cts.