**SOLD** Soviet Moonstone and emerald ring from the 1950s


With a single shot, the Soviet Union not only launched the first artificial satellite but also officially inaugurated a “space race” with the United States. Sputnik – sometimes called Sputnik 1 – went into space on Oct. 4, 1957. The achievement sent a shockwave through the American public, who had felt a sense of technological superiority amid a post-war economic boom. Was the United States falling behind?

Both nations were soon locked in a competition to reach milestones in space first.

This Soviet Moonstone and emerald ring is from the 1950s, features 8 cabochon cut moonstones around a oval emerald. Moonstone that holds a special power of mystery, its secrets looked beneath a pearly viel.
That the ring was made in Russia in the 1950s makes it extra special and adds a cold-war aura of mystery. At least according to us.

The ring is marked 583 gold (14k) and 875 silver, the emerald is estimated to be approx 0.7 ct, the 8 moon stones 4.6 ct and the 12 rose-cut diamonds 0.2 ct, size 18, weight 5.8 grams.