**SOLD** Antique Pale Pink Opaline Glass Square Box


These little gems have a wonderful story. Hand blown, seamless and vibrantly colorful. Directly from the era of jazz and Art Decó, stored away in a wooden box only to just recently again see the the light of day. We are happy to offer you precious jewelry boxes in opaline glass and guilded frames. A collectable heirloom, never used and in mint condition from the early 1900´s. 

Around 1823, the preeminent French glass manufacturer Baccarat coined the term opline for its new type of glass. The heyday of opaline came between 1840 and 1850. Though opaline was used for many domestic objects that could be made in glass, it was particularly popular for small boxes that often found their way onto ladies’ dressing tables. Because glass shatters and nicks quite easily, it became standard practice to protect opaline boxes from breakage by lining their lids and bases with thin rims of ormolu – an alloy of bronze – with matching hinges and clasp, often embellished with chased decoration. The somewhat brassy-looking metal was gilded to give it a non-tarnished finish and a richer appearance.

This stock was bought right after the second world war by a Muranese company. They bought from all over Europe (Saint Louis, Baccarat, Moser, Limoges porcelain, also from Germany). Sometimes they decorated the pieces with enamel (some boxes or also porcelain). The goods have been sold through their exclusive shops on Saint Marcs square or directly in or to the 5star hotels in Venice. In 1952 or so they started their own production and have stored away all their previous inventory that then have found their way to us..

Measures: 4″ x 4″ / 8 x 8 cm.

Antique Pale pink opaline glass square box with smooth gilt bronze mounts

CONDITION: Very Good Condition. No Chips or Cracks.