**SOLD** Antique snake bracelet


Antique Snake bracelet, from first quarter of 20th century, 14K gold, measures 5,0 x 6,1 cm. Comes with matching brooch! In good condition, some surface wear to one side of head and slightly uneven in color.
Marked Copenhagen and maker (1893-1937)

Asking price 1850$

Snakes are one of the most ancient mythological symbols, so often represented also in jewellery. The symbolism of the snake dates back thousands of years, and many civilisations have interpreted the sinuous animal to represent different meanings: good, evil, rebirth, poison, fertility, death. Ancient Egyptians used the snake to represent royalty and deity. In Hinduism, the creature represents desire and sexual passion. The Romans took the symbol to mean everlasting love. In ancient Chinese mythology it was a symbol of reproduction and good luck.The Victorian age brought serpent jewellery into the limelight after Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with a snake ring featuring an emerald-set head. The Queen pronounced the snake to be a figure of eternal love. Reaching eminence in the 1840s, the serpent represented eternity and wisdom during this period and was a widespread motif on brooches, pendants, rings, bracelets and all sorts of ornamental accessories.