Bulgari ‘Monete’ gold Necklace, circa 1980


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From the Italian Icon – Bvlgari – not only gorgeous and a stunning look, they also show cultural heritage and are interesting pieces of history that make great conversation pieces. We had the pleasure of selling a few different pieces from the collection during the years and just adore the style!

It feels as good as it looks. Wearability is always key for Bvlgari and the result is a piece you will want to wear all day!

Beyond chic.

Rare 1980ies original fitted red leather box!

Emperor Publius Septimius Geta. Born on 7th of March 189, 1835 years ago. He succeeded his father who intended for his two sons to rule together, however they proved incapable of sharing power. Geta´s rule was short. Four years passed before Geta was murdered by his brother while in their mothers arms. The brother who refused to share power and rule with Geta then ordered “damnatio memoriae”, that Getas portrait and memory be erased from history. 20 000 of his followers is believed to have been murdered in the following purge. Very few portraits of Geta remain today.

The necklace is 40,5cm long (15 ¹⁵/₁₆ In), 105.9gram, Back engraved GETA 209 – 213 D.C., original fitted case (rare).

Never seen one with this kind of chain, the most common type is the curblink, so if you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind collectors piece look no further! The coin really pops!

Bulgari’s Monete collection is flush with cultural currency. – “Reaching back through the centuries, Bulgari honors antiquity with Monete. Revering the artistic coins of yore. Bulgari contrasts them with the brilliance of its modern style.” Like a rare gem of inestimable historical value this ancient Roman coin has found a new life as precious jewel. The use of rare coins reflected Bulgari’s commitment to honoring history—any irregularities or signs of wear were preserved.

Monete pieces date back to the 1960s, when Rome was the epicenter of glamour – the so called “La Dolce Vita” era. During this time Bulgari began to make Monete a feature of the house’s narrative. Evoking Bulgari’s artisanal craftsmanship, avant-garde materials and unrivalled design as a stylish way to reference the family’s Greek and Roman roots.

Both Grace Kelly and Elisabeth Taylor are among the women who wore Bulgaris Monete jewelry.

Quite simply an iconic Bulgari jewel.

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