French Retro 18K Gold Tank Bracelet


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1940s Retro tank bracelet. It is composed of pyramidal links flanked by arches. combining soft bold curves, playfully defying the impression of great weight. Managing to still be graceful. The name Tank is in reference to how the links of the bracelet are reminiscent of the treads of military tanks. These repetitive link chains also represented an industrial production line. Something a lot of people had to become familiar with due to the war. In 1937, the International Exhibition of Technical Arts in Modern Life foretold a new style which developed in the 1940s. The years after the second world war society was changing a great deal. The memories from the war years were very much still a part of people’s lives and hence making its mark on design. Women were joining the work force in greater numbers and the demand for more sturdy and durable everyday jewelry grew. Platinum was scarce and gold became the metal of choice. The 1940s heralded the end of the Art Deco period. Which had dominated jewelry design for the previous 20 years. Even though the geometric heritage of the Art Deco era still very much present in the “tank aesthetics” now bold three-dimensional design with futuristic aspirations took center stage. Very reminiscent of some of Ernest Le Sénéchals work.

Strong geometric and voluminous design, this Retro bracelet expertly expresses the modern and bold spirit of the 1940s.

Bearing Swedish import mark and stamp 18 karat gold

Measurments: 0.9 In / 23 mm wide, 7.48In / 19 cm wide, Weight: 92,2 g