**SOLD** Hunt & Roskell 18 karat gold bracelet


At first glance this might seem as just another gold bracelet. I assure you it is not. As soon as you have it in your hand you feel how extremely well it flows and moves in your hand/ on your wrist. A piece of fabric is a first thought. The quality and craftsmanship hits you and suddenly you become aware of how a gold bracelet is supposed to feel. I am sure you can relate. Quality is quality, no way around it.

It doesn´t hurt that is from Hunt & Roskell of New Bond Street, London.

Once one of Europe’s finest silversmithing firms. Established in 1819, this renowned firm specialized in the supply of bespoke jewelry, silver, objets d’art and trophy commissions for clients around the world.

This prestigious firm of jewelers and silversmiths was originally founded by Paul Storr in 1819 in partnership with John Mortimer. John Samuel Hunt joined the company after his apprenticeship with Paul Storr and took his place after he retired in 1838, changing the name of the company to Mortimer and Hunt. In 1843 John Mortimer retired and the firm became finally Hunt and Roskell.

Most closely associated with Queen Victoria and the British aristocracy, for which the long-reigning queen awarded them a royal warrant, the company catered to many other members of Europe’s royal and aristocratic families, and particularly enjoyed the patronage of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. They also showed off their creations at important international exhibitions, including the great “Crystal Palace” exhibition of 1851 and subsequently in New York (1853) and Paris (1867) growing in popularity and prosperity not just in England but also abroad.

A truly splendid example of their skill and craft, this outstanding bracelet retailed by Hunt & Roskell is a power statement in its simplicity and elegance.

It is 18cm long, 21mm wide and 2,5 thick. Weight 47,8 grams. 18K.
It has a few minor/minimal dents (ie It has been worn) but in great condition.
Housed in original leather case.