**SOLD** Russian demantoid, diamonds and ruby pendant / brooch circa 1900


The Nikolai Linden Jewellery Company has a very interesting history and actually worked in collaboration with Fabergé.
In 1892 Nikolay Linden founded a workshop on St Petersburgs main street Nevsky Prospect in which he offered repairations of jewelry and watches. Over time that workshop also became a shop for jewellry and watches and eventuelly it became one of the most sucessful in its genre in the territory of St. Petersburg.
At the beginning of the twentieth century Linden was appointed supplier of several of royal courts – such as the Shah of Iran, the Russian Imperial house as well as the kings of Montenegro, Bulgaria and Romania.

This pendant / brooch is marked with 56 zolotnik old Russian gold standard (14K) and with what we read to be initials ‘ И А ‘ for Kazan head assay master Ivan Ado (1899-1908), silver, 2 natural rubies with no visible indications of treatment about 4 ct, 12 diamonds about 0.36 ct, 79 green garnets most likely demantoids about 4.2 ct, Russian early 1900s, original case Petrograd, N. Linden, length 64 mm, weight 21.3 g.