Vintage 1960s Mario Buccellati Ring with 39 carat jade nephrite.


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Vintage 1960s Mario Buccellati Ring, silver shank that is gilded on the inside with a pierced gold rim that holds a 39 carat jade nephrite.

Signed: M.Buccellati

Ring Size: US 4.25, 15.75mm, I

Gross weight: 25,9grams

We have left the silver shank with the signs it has received in life because we like and appreciate the patina and the more matte look but it could easily be polished up to a high gloss silver finish.

The house of Buccellati was founded by Mario Buccellati (1891-1965), nicknamed the Prince of Goldsmiths. The family business dates back to the mid-eighteenth century when Contardo Buccellati worked as a goldsmith in Milan.

Mario began his jewelry-making journey with an apprenticeship at Milan goldsmith Beltram and Besnati. In 1919, he bought the firm, establishing it as his own “silverware and art jewelry” business. The Buccellati company has been headquartered in Milan ever since. Mario was only 28, he opened his first store near the famous La Scala opera house in Milan. His debut collection of one-of-a-kind creations made a huge impression on Spanish aristocrats during the 1920 Madrid Exposition, all pieces were sold out. Buccellati’s craftsmanship became recognizable across Europe for its textural gold jewels and intricate silverware.

The phrase “Made in Italy” is central to the Buccellati company. Since its inception over 100 years and four generations ago, the maison has been creating jewels and precious objects that pay homage to the artistic legacy of its origin. Milan, its style one of sophisticated grace and sober elegance. Mario Buccellati’s work ethic and modern ability to connect the past with the present exemplified “Milanesità,” or “Milan-ness,” which became part of his company’s stylistic signature. Buccellati’s ethos has manifested Milan’s cultural spirit of creativity, craftsmanship, tradition and innovative spirit.

Buccellati values quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, including its hand-engraving, openwork and honeycomb techniques, every surface that can be worked should be worked.

The Buccellati brand has attracted a celebrated clientele, from popes and cardinals to royalty and high society, artists and intellectuals, entertainment stars and business tycoons. The firm has expanded well beyond the initial Milanese shop and is today a global firm.