An unusual silver triangular Masonic keyless lever watch


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An unusual silver triangular Masonic keyless lever watch with enamel dial signed solvil, made especially for tempor watch co., Geneva

This is truly a unique timepiece! An early 20th Century (20s/30s) Swiss lever Masonic watch with mother of pearl dial in an triangular case with decorative bezel and, the reverse with distinctive Masonic scene in relief, circular cut amethyst to the pendant, movement and case signed.

The dial with polychrome Masonic symbols in place of the numerals and the text “Aime ton semblable tends lui une main secourable.” – “Love your fellow man, extend a helping hand to him”.

It has a Solvil 15 jeweled Swiss Movement made for Tempor Watch CO Schwab – Loeille. Circular keyless nickeled bar movement with going barrel.  Plain cock with polished steel regulator.  Uncut balance with blue steel spiral hairspring.  Club foot lever escapement.  Blue steel hands.  Silver case with decoration of a chain around the bezel, a circular cut amethyst below the pendant.  The back, which is hinged to form an easel stand, is chased and engraved with a temple and many other Masonic symbols.  The edge of the case also decorated with further masonic symbols.

The case of the watch measures 68.36mm x 53.60mm x 11mm.

Movement of high quality and in good condition