Cow wedding – Rural idyll


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Cow wedding – Rural idyll

A two part sculpture of carved wood signed Axel Peterson Döderhultarn Oskarshamn

Height approx 28 cm/11 inch, length 42 cm/16,5 inch.

Look at those expressions! Döderhultarn is known for his lifelike and characterful wood sculptures of both humans and animals. His sculptures depicts scenarios in daily rural 19th century life in his home region of Oscarshamn in southern Sweden. Peterson was during most of his artistic life known only in Oskarshamn and the surrounding area, then under the name “The Twelve Shill” this because he initially sold the sculptures for that price. In his 40s, Peterson’s fame gained fame both nationally and internationally after having been published in a caricature reportage in a Swedish national magazine . It was also when you started to call him “Döderhultarn” after his parish Döderhult. Döderhultaren is represented at, among others, the Gothenburg Art Museum and the National Museum in Stockholm.