Georgian crowned diamond heart ring from turn of the century 18th/19th century.


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Georgian crowned heart ring from turn of the century 18th/19th century, circa 1780 – 1810. Making this ring some 240years old! Decorated with a large principal rose-cut diamonds with foiled back in a “pie-crust” silver setting, and crowned with seven rose diamond accents. The ring bears Swedish import stamp. The back is as well worked as the front as expected in a piece of this dignity. The principal diamond measures approx. 9.4×6.1×2.7mm, Shank with late rococo engraving 18 karat gold setting in silver.  Ring size 16 mm / US 5,5, weight 2.8 grams. Condition: Very good condition. fully original with no evidence of repair nor particular defects. Light Normal wear and tear considering age. Isn´t that remarkable?!

The period of 1714 and 1830 has been named after the four Georges who reigned this time – The Georgian era. For the aristocracy it was all about showing off. Engagement rings were not commonplace until the Victorian era the exception being the crowned heart. A token of love and devotion.

This magnificent ring dating to the turn of the century between the century 18th/19th century is the perfect example of the crowned heart from the period. The foiled rose cut diamonds gives of a stunning soft shimmering light. It is historical. It is romantic and just right.

The crown symbolizes the importance, legitimacy, tradition and sovereignty of the wearer and is a clear display of rank.

Bible verse Proverbs 4:9 speaks of a crown as something that is worn by people who are glorious and righteous. No pressure.