Three Stone 2.6 Carat Transitional Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, c.1940


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Statment trilogy ring.

The transitional cut is a rare vintage cut that was being cut only for a few decades. This period of about twenty to thirty years marks the transition of diamonds evolving to the modern round brilliant cut. Therefore, many stones cut during that period became known as Transitional Cuts. These rare stones were cut from the 1920’s to 1940’s and represent a very unique time in history. Today, they are becoming increasingly rare as many have been recut to fully modern round brilliant cuts. I love the larger facets and more pastel look they have to them and still a diamond with the most brilliance and fire…that will sparkle from across the room. The best of both world’s – antique and modern.

Three-stone engagement rings hold a different meaning than the traditional solitaire ring, and it has the ability to tell the story of your journey together. The three stones that make up the ring represent the past, present and the future.

Hallmarked with maker CGH -Carl Gustaf Hallberg and P for platinum, 3 transitional early modern cut diamonds. Principal 1.5ct and the two sides 1.1 ct totalling 2,6 ct according to engraving, face up as 3ct. Color F/G / Vs1-Vs2, additional 6 diamonds in shank approx 0,06 ct,

Size us 7 ¾ / 18, weight =3,8 g

Price 13 450$