Swedish 1950s 18karat yellow gold “true love knot” bracelet


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We love being tied up in our new knot bracelet.

Swedish 1950s 18k yellow gold knot bracelet

Made in Stockholm 1959, weight 38,2 grams. Lenght 20 cm / 7,87 inch

Who hasn’t heard a wedding referred to as “tying the knot”?

Knots are a common theme in jewelry design. The symbolism behind the act of tying a knot is one of binding. Thus it is no surprise that it became a metaphor for one’s commitment towards love in different cultures.

Knots have been symbols of love, friendship, and affection dating back to antiquity. In the last few centuries they’ve most commonly been regarded as a symbol of the bond between lovers. This particular type, the “true lover’s knot”, is and was a popular style for sailors separated from their loved. It’s made by interlocking two overhand knots in two parallel wires, so each one is flexible to move about the other, yet they’re inseparable forever.

The association of knots with love has appeared in many different cultures. These include ancient Greek jewelry, Egyptian sculptures, and Celtic knots. In ancient Arabia, lovers used love knots to send messages to each other. The Celtic knots consist of unbroken loops with no beginning and end, symbolizing eternity like the love between a married couple.